EAHP delighted to welcome Malta and Romania as its newest members

Commenting on the continued growth of EAHP’s membership, EAHP President Dr Roberto Frontini said: “Development and representation of the hospital pharmacy profession in Europe is the central mission of EAHP. The additional participation of every new member country in our Association’s activity therefore helps us further fulfil our goals and achieve pan-European cooperation in raising standards of hospital pharmacy. With 34 member countries, including 26 of the 27 EU countries, the diversity of our association grows and enables continuous improvement in lesson-learning and best-practice sharing across Europe. I have been deeply impressed already with the professionalism of these two new Associations and look forward to many fruitful years of working together in the future.”

Ruth Theuma, President of MAHP, said: “On behalf of all my professional colleagues in Malta, we are excited and enthusiastic to be joining EAHP, especially as it embarks on a number of exciting new projects that we will be able to contribute to and benefit from. There is so much to be gained by professions such as hospital pharmacy working across borders and learning from each other. Through EAHP our Association can now take part in the key European debates of impact to Malta, and ensure our unique practice circumstances are taken into consideration.”

Paul Andreianu, ANSFR’s delegate to the EAHP General Assembly said: “Membership of EAHP offers hospital pharmacists in Romania a real opportunity to influence pan-European efforts directed at raising standards in hospital pharmacy and sharing best-practice. There is much for Romania to contribute in this respect and I look forward to myself and the ANSFR team being active and engaged in those conversations and activities.”